Hello & Welcome.

Thanks for visiting the site, hope you have time to look around and listen to some music while youʼre here but for now let me tell you a bit about myself.

Iʼm a singer, songwriter and producer based in London.

My favourite place to be is in the studio and I love every aspect of the creative process from songwriting to production & mixing.

My level of involvement depends on each project , most of my own tracks are 100% self written, produced & performed whilst on other songs I could purely be the songwriter, mix engineer or session musician/vocalist.

Music has been my world from as far back as I can remember, I donʼt recall the first song I ever wrote but by the age of 10 I was recording cassette tape demoʼs in my bedroom.

I spent my school years writing, singing & playing keyboards in bands but my introduction to the ‘music industryʼ came when I signed to Simon Cowellʼs record company at the age of 17.

Simon paired me up with another singer to form ‘Yell!ʼ – we were a straight up pop act & our version of ‘Instant Replayʼ gave us a UK top 10 hit. The experience was fantastic, I got to travel Europe, record tracks in Los Angeles, perform to 1000s of people & appear on Top Of The Pops (a childhood dream).

Yell! had their 15 minutes of fame and it was time to move on. I continued as a solo artist, touring & releasing records but all the time I was gaining in studio experience, producing & engineering records for other artists.

Since then I have focused mainly on songwriting & production, securing top 10 hits with multi platinum selling artists plus numerous placements in TV & Film.

In 2016, a chance meeting via social media with Dj/Producer Jason Orriss saw my return as a recording artist with the track ‘Kiss & Make Upʼ (Energise Records) & I have since released ‘Homeʼ on Steve Silk Hurleyʼs Chicago Label S&S and ‘Turn This Love Aroundʼ a collaboration with writer & producer Frankstar on King Street Records New York.